Eyelash Extension Care

Caring For Lash Extensions According To Optometrists

Sky McCune, a standout volleyball player, knows that all eyes are on her on and off the court. Sky loves her false eyelash extensions to enhance her look. However, navigating an allergy to the glue used in the extensions has become an essential part of her self-care routine.

Sky takes extra precautions to maintain the health of her eyes and ensure that her lashes remain as stunning as ever. Her commitment to both her athletic performance and personal maintenance showcases her dedication to overall well-being.

Here’s what Dr. Cheryl Chapman, OD, FIAOMC, FAAO, Dipl ABO, recommends for Eyelash Extension care and glue allergy precautions, not only for Sky McCune, but for all the lovely extension wearing people.

Step 1: Clean your lashes EVERY DAY.

Eyelash techs may give you lash shampoo. This helps remove all makeup and debris but what about the bacteria and possible eyelash mites waiting to burrow into your lashes?

That’s where all-natural, fragrance and sting free hypochlorous spray comes in. Pure&Clean hypochlorous spray won’t damage your extensions, but it will kill all bacteria with a liquid that occurs naturally in the body to kill off bacteria. Due to its naturally occurring structure, Pure&Clean spray won’t sting your eyes, doesn’t smell and practically feels like water, leaving zero residue on your skin and extensions.

How to use: With eyes closed, simply spray onto your lashes or for a deeper clean, use your Eyelid & Facial cleansing device or sponge to massage onto your top lash line. Shop Pure&Clean Lid Prep Hydrogel.

Before/After Cleansing Extensions with Hypochlorous Spray & Eyelid Cleansing Device:

Step 2: Use a cold compress to reduce swelling/redness.

Using a cold compress slows down the body's metabolism and keeps the swelling and redness at bay on an injured area. People also often use it for dealing with itchy eyes, allergies, and to soothe puffiness in the eye area.

You may have heard of using cold spoons to soothe the eye area, but a cooling eye mask is an affordable and spa-like option you can easily integrate into your morning or night routine. Wear your cooling mask while drinking your morning latte or while winding down with some music at night. You’ll feel as beautiful and relaxed as ever!

How to use: Keep your eye mask in the freezer for the best soothing quality. Make sure to keep your eyes closed when wearing your cooling eye mask. Place the eye mask over your eyes and if you have sensitive skin, using an eye mask with a fuzzy backing will help ease the icy feeling. Leave your cooling eye mask on for about 20 minutes. Don’t forget to put it back in the freezer!

Step 3: Take Omega-3 fish oil supplements

Omega-3’s are vital to your body’s health and help your eyelids produce healthy, olive oil-like fluids. This ensures that your eyes stay moisturized and healthy. Not only will fish oil supplements help your eyes, they will help the rest of the oils in your body, benefiting your hair and skin! Most eye doctors recommend different dosages of fish oil depending on your unique eye needs. Consult with your optometrist to see what dosage is just right for you. 

How to use: Take your fish oil supplements once a day or as prescribed by your optometrist.We recommend Nordic Naturals ProOmega.

Step 4: Remove your extensions if your eyes continue to swell or are in pain.

Your body should never be in pain if everything is healthy and right. If your extensions continue to cause you issues and you need them off asap, don’t worry about getting a lash tech appointment: Peeq Pro Eyelid & Facial cleanser will remove your extensions like MAGIC.

Utilizing Tea Tree Oil, eyelid & facial cleanser does wonders for removing not just extensions but also eye makeup, stick on lash glue, eyelash mites, AND helps to maintain your eyelid’s ability to moisten your eyes. Plus, tea tree oil does wonders for skin, fighting acne causing bacteria. We recommend Peeq Pro's Foaming Eyelid and Facial Cleanser (also available in Sensitive Skin formula). 

How to use: Pump some eyelid and facial cleanser onto your fingertips, eyelid sponge, or your Eyelid & Facial Cleansing Device. With closed eyes, massage the cleanser into your lash line. Thoroughly rinse and pat dry once finished.

Other pro tips...

  • Use only a spoolie brush on your lash extensions to avoid clumping or damaging your extensions.
  • Never apply mascara over your lash extensions. 
  • Do not use oil-based formulas on your extensions. This will break up the glue and cause them to be removed
  • Do not rub, tug, or pull on your extensions. 
  • Using a silk/satin pillowcase will lessen the amount of friction of your extensions while you sleep. They’re also great for your skin and hair!

Click here to see how Sky McCune cares for her lashes with this at-home and easy-to-use MVP Box with doctor recommended products.

We recommend this MVP Box for false eyelash care and this Waiva Box for false eyelash removal and post core. 

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