Wholesale Registration

Fill out the details below. Once you are approved, you will have access to our wholesale prices so that you can sell our products in your practice to patients directly.


What is the wholesale program?

The wholesale program is where doctors and their office staff can purchase items for a discounted price which they can sell for a recommended MSRP (or any price they choose). The profit is kept by the office and is a great way to grow revenue to your practice!

What is the affiliate program?

Affiliates are given a unique link to share with their patients (as well as a QR code and coupon code). When someone clicks on the affiliate link/QR code OR uses the coupon code at checkout to make a purchase, the practice earns a commission on the sale.

Commissions will be paid on a monthly basis.

This is a great way to get started without having to invest into inventory if you are just starting out or don't have the space to carry and display products to your patients.

How can I get started?

After you fill out the form above, our team will confirm your information and get your access to your wholesale portal so you can start ordering right away. Of course, if you have any questions, reach to info@getpeeq.com.