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About Peeq Pro Founders

The Spark of Innovation: In 2018, two passionate optometrists, Dr. Chris Wolfe and Dr. Cheryl Chapman, were exchanging text messages about a hidden truth – eyelids get dirty.

Patients often lacked effective tools and guidance for proper hygiene, leading to a staggering number of preventable eye conditions. They set out on a mission, fueled by their expertise and concern, to create a solution: the toothbrush for your eyelids.

Birth of Peeq: From that spark, Peeq Pro was born. Our Nebraska-based team, collaborating with partners across the US, embarked on a journey to develop a unique and effective eyelid cleansing system – the Peeq Waiva.

Introducing the Peeq Waiva: This revolutionary, gentle gadget vibrates, sending the energy into a disposable sponge for debris removal and absorption.

Combined with our specially formulated tea tree oil cleanser, it's an eyelids-first revolution. Like the electric toothbrush for your eyes, Peeq Waiva offers a refreshing approach to ocular hygiene.

Girl holding Waiva Eyelid Cleaning

Waiva device being used on face

Why It Matters: The need is real. 73% of Americans suffer from meibomian gland dysfunction, a precursor to dry eye. More than 30 million are projected to struggle with this painful, vision-impairing condition by 2030. New technologies haven't always considered the impact on delicate eyelids, leading to biofilm buildup and new concerns.

Peeq Pro's Mission: We're not just about another beauty tool. We're about tackling long-term eye health through simple, effective, and accessible routines. We want to empower everyone to prioritize their vision, comfort, and overall well-being.

Cosmetics, cleansers, even everyday regimens often exclude the sensitive eye area. Peeq Pro breaks that barrier. We believe your eyes deserve dedicated care, and we're here to provide it.

Eyes are windows to the world, and Peeq Pro helps keep them clear and bright. Join us on this journey of revolutionizing eyelid health, one gentle cleanse at a time.

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