How do I get Wholesale pricing?

Doctors can receive wholesale pricing on our products once they register. This is a quick and easy process, and it will allow you to access our wholesale prices so that you can sell our products in your practice and generate additional revenue. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to log in to your account and view our wholesale prices. Register for Wholesale Pricing.

We offer a wide variety of products at wholesale prices, including contact lenses, sunglasses, dry eye treatments, and other eye care products. We also offer a variety of educational materials that you can use to educate your patients about their eye care needs.

What is a subscription program?

Peeq Pro’s subscription program makes it easy for patients to stay compliant with their doctor-recommended eye protocol. In our subscription model program, patients who enroll in the program automatically receive their doctor-recommended, Peeq Pro refresh boxes straight to their home every 80 days. Peeq Pro charges the patient a fee everytime time we send them a refresh box. Doctors earn recurring revenue every time a patient receives a refresh box. Patients have the option to renew or cancel at any time.

How do I enroll patients in the subscription program?

Patients scan the QR code inside their Peeq Pro starter box. The QR code directs them to a form where they enroll in the subscription program by filling in their name and billing information. After they complete the enrollment form, their doctor-recommended refresh boxes will be sent directly to their house every 80 days.

How does the program work if patients don’t want to enroll in the subscription program?

A patient can still purchase the Peeq Pro starter box without enrolling in the subscription program. However, it is recommended that patients enroll in the subscription program to ensure compliance with their doctor-recommended eye protocol. Plus, they will save money and time by subscribing to the Peeq Pro subscription program rather than buying the products elsewhere or returning to your office to purchase more products.

How do patients adjust or cancel their subscription?

Patients can email hello@peeqpro.com or call (531)213-2737 to pause or cancel their subscription.

How do I get paid?

You will receive your earned revenue on a quarterly basis. We are happy to send you a check or offer you credit on your Peeq Pro account for future orders.

How does Peeq Pro help me track patient compliance?

We send out refresh boxes every 80 days to your patients. We will send you quarterly updates on anyone who has changed their subscription. Our doctor and patient portal is in the works and will be launching in 2023. Through our portal, you will be able to track your patients compliance at any time or recommend product add-ons. Your patients will be able to login to see when their next box is coming, add-on products, and pause or cancel their subscription.

What does training look like for Peeq Pro?

We value education just as much as keeping your patients eyes clean. Our Client Success team will schedule time to meet with you and your team to onboard and train your team on how to successfully recommend and implement the Peeq Pro program.

How is a Customized Box different from the Ready to Ship Boxes?

You have the ability to customize the box design and products inside each box. To start, we ask for your logo files in order to create box designs for you to choose from. This way, your patients are seeing your brand on a quarterly basis and keeping you top of mind. Our team will also walk you through all of the different options of eye drops, vitamins, and surpreyes items such as: spa, swag, and skincare items. You’ll get to pick what goes in every box that we send out on your behalf and continue to build up recurring revenue.

What is the Peeq Waiva Eyelid Cleaning Device?

The only at-home cleansing device designed for daily use to gently and effectively clean eyelids and the skin around eyes.