Cosmetics in Your Practice with Dr. Selina McGee

Cosmetics in Your Practice with Dr. Selina McGee

Dry eye diagnosis can be a puzzle, and sometimes the missing piece lies in the makeup bag. Here's how understanding the link between cosmetics and dry eye can empower you to better manage your patients' ocular health.

The Hidden Culprit: Incomplete Makeup Removal

Traditional eye exams often overlook the impact of makeup on tear film stability. Dr. Selina McGee, an optometrist specializing in dry eye, emphasizes the importance of examining eyelids and assessing makeup removal habits (refer to webinar at 8:21). Residual mascara and eyeliner can clog meibomian glands, leading to tear film instability and worsening dry eye symptoms (8:21).

Education is Key: Gentle Cleansing for Happy Eyes

Equipping patients with proper eyelid hygiene techniques is crucial. Encourage them to ditch harsh cleansers and oil-based products. Dr. McGee recommends micellar water or ionized water for their gentle cleansing properties (15:22). These options effectively remove makeup without stripping away natural oils, promoting healthy tear film function (15:22). For a deeper dive into building your knowledge and expertise in cosmetics to better educate patients, refer to the webinar at 15:22.

Eyelash Extensions: A Beauty Trend with Dry Eye Drawbacks

The allure of eyelash extensions can be strong, but for dry eye sufferers, they can be problematic (28:28). Extensions can trap debris and irritate the ocular surface, exacerbating existing dryness (28:28). Consider discussing alternative lash-enhancing options with your patients (refer to webinar at 15:22).

Optimizing Dry Eye Management: A Collaborative Approach

By incorporating a cosmetic-related inquiry into your dry eye evaluation (32:35), you gain valuable insights into potential contributing factors. Educating patients about the impact of makeup and promoting gentle cleansing practices empowers them to actively participate in managing their dry eye (17:55). The webinar offers helpful tips on starting the conversation about cosmetics with your patients (32:36).

Utilizing Questionnaires for Deeper Insights

In addition to a cosmetic inquiry, Dr. McGee also recommends utilizing standardized dry eye questionnaires during your evaluation (10:34). These questionnaires can provide valuable information about the frequency and severity of your patients' symptoms, aiding in a more comprehensive diagnosis (10:34). Reference: Speed Dry Eye Questions

The Takeaway: A More Holistic Approach to Dry Eye Care

Integrating an awareness of cosmetic use into your dry eye treatment plan can significantly improve patient outcomes. Consider including the following in your patient discussions:

  • Makeup removal education: Emphasize the importance of gentle cleansing and thorough removal of all eye makeup (17:55). Distinguish between makeup removal and overall eyelid hygiene (23:36).
  • Alternative lash options: Discuss the potential drawbacks of eyelash extensions for dry eye sufferers (28:28).
  • Collaborative management: Partner with patients to identify and address any cosmetic-related contributors to their dry eye (17:55).

Building a Multifaceted Dry Eye Practice

While this blog post focuses on cosmetics and dry eye, the webinar also explores other aspects of building a multifaceted dry eye practice (47:02). This includes discussions on

  • Oklahoma’s Unique Role in Optometry (4:36)
  • Insurance & Logistics (37:36)
  • Energy-Based Devices (40:14)

For a more comprehensive understanding of Dr. McGee's approach to dry eye management, consider reviewing the entire webinar. By adopting a more holistic approach, you can empower your patients to take control of their dry eye and achieve lasting relief.

Webinar Topics:

4:36 Oklahoma’s Unique Role in Optometry

8:21 Dry Eye & Cosmetics

15:22 Building Knowledge & Expertise In Cosmetics

17:55 Talking Makeup Removal With Patients

23:36 Makeup Removal vs Eyelid Hygiene

28:28 False Eyelash Extensions

32:35 Starting the Cosmetics Conversation

37:36 Insurance & Logistics

40:14 Energy-Based Devices

47:02 Starting A Multifaceted Practice

Referenced publications:

Speed Dry Eye Questions (10:34)

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (53:33)

TFOS Lifestyle: Impact of cosmetics on the ocular surface (17:01)

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