How to properly wash your eyelids for better eyelid hygiene

How to Properly Washing Your Eyelids for Beautiful, Healthy Eyes

Taking care of your eyes is an essential aspect of maintaining overall health and beauty. One often overlooked yet crucial aspect of eye care is the proper cleaning of your eyelids. This blog will guide you through the step-by-step process of washing your eyelids, emphasizing the selection of the right cleanser and techniques to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

Step One: Choose the Right Cleanser

Choose the right cleanser for how to wash your eyelids for better eyelid hygiene

The first and most crucial step in washing your eyelids is selecting the right cleanser. While baby shampoo is a common recommendation, recent data suggests that alternatives such as terpin-4-ol (tea tree oil), okra oil, or hypochlorous can be more effective without the potential long-term side effects associated with inflammation. These cleansers are known to help eliminate demodex, microscopic mites that can lead to eyelid issues if not properly addressed. Our pick is the Foaming Eyelid & Facial Cleanser which applies easily to sponges and helps pull debris from the eyleids (also available in Sensitive Skin formula). 

Step Two: Apply the Cleanser with Care

Step two apply the cleanser with care for tips on how to wash your eyelids for better eyelid hygiene

Once you've chosen the appropriate cleanser, use a small amount and gently apply it to your eyelids. Allow the cleanser to do the work in removing debris and impurities. Many of the recommendations are foaming cleansers that will be easy to apply to coat the lid and surrounding area (brows, orbit, even the rest of the face). This application step is crucial in preventing mite infestations and maintaining overall eye hygiene. 

Step Three: Gentle Massage for Healthy Eyelids

Step three gently massage for healthy eyelids for tips on how to cleans your eyelids for better eyelid hygiene

To further enhance the cleaning process, use your fingers, a brush, or a specialized device, such as the Peeq Waiva, to gently massage your eyelids and the soft areas around your eyes. This massage helps loosen up debris and impurities on the skin around the eye, but it also provides stimulation to the glands and muscles around the eye - helping to force out deposited impurities. The goal is to clean and express the meibomian glands, which play a vital role in maintaining the quality of your tears and preventing dry eyes.

Step Four: Remove Larger Debris and Rinse

Step four make it a habit and wash your eyelids consistently for tips for better eyelid hygiene

If you are using your fingers, consider using a sponge or washcloth to help remove any larger debris that the cleanser may have loosened. This is particularly useful if you are wearing eye makeup - such as mascara, eye liner, or eye shadow. However, it is also useful if you have been in an environment where dust or dirt have been circulating (i.e. outside on a windy day). Cleaning one’s lids is not just about taking off makeup. Some of our best testimonials come from men who realize the difference of a good clean after a day working outside. 

Alternatively, a good rinse with warm water can be sufficient. For example, I use our cleanser in the shower. I wash my face following these steps, including small circular movements to massage my lids, and the area around the eye. Then, I thoroughly rinse my eyelids, ensuring that all cleanser residue is removed. 

Step Five: Gently Dry and Prepare for Makeup

Step five gently dry and prepare for makeup with these tips on how to wash your eyelids

After washing and rinsing, gently dry your face, ensuring that your eyelids are in optimal condition for the re-application of makeup, sunscreen, or other cosmetic products. It's recommended to use a clean washcloth or sponge for this step.  This is a particularly useful step if you are planning to re-apply makeup or another cosmetic treatment. But, we have heard from many that this is good to remember if you are ablating at a fitness center, where you may not be doing a full shower before heading home at the end of the day.

Bonus Step: Sun Protection and Peptide Cream

Bonus step on better eyelid hygiene is applying sun protection and peptide cream around the eyelids

To protect your eyes from sun damage and premature aging, consider using a high-quality sun cream and a peptide cream. Sunscreen helps prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the delicate skin around your eyes, while peptide creams promote collagen production, reducing the risk of wrinkles. We recommend Peeq Pro Peptide Cream and Sunscreen SPF 35

Following these steps for proper eyelid hygiene can contribute to maintaining the health and beauty of your eyes. Additionally, incorporating specialized products like those offered by Peeq, such as the Peeq Waiva, Peeq’s line of skin care products, and its tea tree oil cleanser, can enhance your eye care routine. Prioritize your eye health to ensure that your eyes remain beautiful and vibrant for years to come.

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