The benefits of a subscription model

The benefits of a subscription model

Subscription programs have become a large part of consumer buying behavior. From Hello Fresh to Amazon Subscribe & Save, customers (and your patients) are now seeking ways to subscribe to a wide variety of products and services. Peeq Pro has built a program that helps optometrists turnkey a customized subscription service for their practices that also makes sense for their patients.

In the context of optometry, a subscription can be set up to send your patients a variety of your chosen products. For example, many of our customers are choosing a type of vitamin or an eye drop that the doctor prefers for a variety of reasons that are unique to the doctor. Peeq Pro allows the doctor to choose her products and provides the first box in office.

The second step is for your patient to subscribe to the box to be delivered to their home regularly. Peeq Pro’s program delivers both monthly and quarterly with the design and products that you choose. This leads to greater patient compliance with the designated treatment plan. How many times have you had a patient come back in for a virus, bacteria, or discomfort that was originally improving with the right products but has returned worse than ever? This compliance challenge is one of the key reasons that Peeq Pro was created by eye doctors just like you.

When you have a patient who you would like to maintain their health after their appointment using something like a prescribed brand of eye drops, it may be crucial that they select the right one. If left to their own devices, patients may go for what is most convenient – perhaps a trip to Walgreens or a visit to Amazon in search of the same eye drops they got from you. The issue is that it is probable that they may not get the right product, possibly using something that isn’t effective for their diagnosis. 

Using a subscription model ensures not only that patients get what they need to maintain their health, but also supports your practice. Using Peeq Pro means you don’t have to hold inventory – we’ll take care of getting products out to your patients. One of our customers with a relatively new practice was delighted that he would not need to keep hundreds of bottles of vitamins because of the minimum order quantity.

And, instead of sending money to a large corporation, this subscription helps you – a local business. You receive revenue from Peeq Pro for helping to sign people up for the subscription service. This means that your office will have an additional, recurring revenue stream.

Peeq Pro does this while also forwarding your brand. We custom build your boxes (if you subscribe with us) – meaning that your brand is the primary one that patients see every month or quarter. This means that patients are engaging with you and your brand even when they are not in the office. 

Finally, it just makes sense for patients. If they were to go out and buy all the individual components that make up a Peeq Pro box, they may spend money on shipping, purchasing individual items versus in bulk, or having to purchase from multiple sources to get all the items they need. When they receive their Peeq Pro box, not only is it convenient for them, but they’re saving money by bundling the items together and having them shipped as one package. 

In short, Peeq Pro provides your office with a unique way to work with patients to improve their health while also helping the patients financially and making a little money yourself. This type of subscription model is a win-win-win.

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