The importance of swag for customer engagement and retention

The importance of swag for customer engagement and retention

A year ago I received a t-shirt at a bookstore event near the college I went to. It was a blue shirt containing the name and logo of the bookstore as well as a design of a pile of books near a colorful feather pen. I enjoyed wearing that shirt because it looked really nice, was made of a good material and it was free. It gave me a positive image of the place and made me want to come back there more often. Swag events are important for the recognition and growth of a company, and that time at the bookstore is a proof of that. That is why at Peeq Pro we make sure to organize events where you can obtain the products that make us proud for FREE. To let you know about Peeq Pro, we give you a feel of our brand. How can free items have a positive impact on a company? How do we, as a startup, provide potential clients and customers an encouraging and exciting experience with our products?

Peeq Industries is devoted to providing the best experience to its customers whether they are potential or established ones. That is the reason why Peeq Pro defines its goals towards the same objective, the satisfaction of clients and customers. We want to encourage you to get to know our products that we specifically created to be as efficient and as pleasant to use as possible. We understand the importance of trying out before settling for a brand. Our goal is to give you access to our brand image and vision so that you can eventually discover skincare in a new way. With our tea tree oil cleanser, our smooth eyelid cleaning sponges and our relaxing masks produced by professionals as well as our partnerships with other recognized brands, we give you a sense of what it feels to choose Peeq Pro. Plus, in each of our Refresh boxes there is a surprEYES! This surprEYES is either a swag item, spa item or skincare item. We give you the opportunity to make them yours.

We focus on quality and performance which is our foundation to produce the best output. We understand how important it is to take care of your eyes and skin. It reduces the risks of diseases like dry eyes, blepharitis and dermatitis. Taking action to protect your eyes and skin from bacteria and mites is necessary. And because we know how exciting it is to receive a free item, free swag is our way to help you.


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