Unlocking Dry Eye Excellence with Todd Cohan O.D.

Unlocking Dry Eye Excellence with Todd Cohan O.D.

Welcome to our blog post where we explore essential tips and insights shared by leading expert Dr. Cohan on mastering dry eye treatment.

Key Points from the Webinar:

  • Dr. Cohan emphasized the significance of specialized dry eye practices, comprehensive medical eye care, and personalized treatment protocols.
  • Educating patients on the impact of eyelid hygiene, compliance, and lifestyle changes play a crucial role in managing dry eye symptoms effectively.

Incorporating Dr. Cohan's tips for recalling patients can optimize practice efficiency and patient care. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Establish Clear Communication Channels:
    • Ensure you have multiple communication channels in place, such as email, phone calls, and automated reminders, to reach out to patients for appointments.
  2. Use Patient Relationship Management (PRM) Tools:
    • Implement PRM software to manage patient appointments, follow-ups, and reminders effectively. These tools can streamline the recall process and improve patient engagement.
  3. Segment Your Patient Database:
    • Categorize patients based on their needs, preferences, and appointment history. This segmentation allows for personalized outreach and targeted recall strategies.
  4. Automate Appointment Reminders:
    • Set up automated appointment reminders through text messages, emails, or phone calls to ensure patients stay informed about upcoming appointments and follow-ups.
  5. Track and Monitor Patient Follow-Ups:
    • Regularly monitor and track patient follow-up appointments to identify any missed or pending visits. This proactive approach helps prevent gaps in patient care.


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