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Foaming Eyelid & Facial Cleanser

Foaming Eyelid & Facial Cleanser

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Foaming Eyelid and Facial Cleanser is vital to your eye care and skincare routines and is designed to be used on and around the eyelids, most effectively dislodging the build-up of gunk in that sensitive area. Most cleansers are not intended for use around the eyes and include harsh chemicals, irritating the eyes. Our cleanser is safe to use on and around the eyelids and will not irritate the skin. There are no harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates. 

The tea tree oil moisturizes dry skin, prevents oily skin, treats dark spots, and reduces inflammation and acne. The lavender oil promotes a relaxing state of mind and reduces inflammation while also being antimicrobial and antifungal. 

Works against...

  • Dry Eye Symptoms
  • Styes
  • Demodex Mites
  • Meibomian Glad Dysfunction
  • Blepharitis

Directions: Wet face and eyelids with warm water. Dispense foam onto clean and previously washed hands to prevent the spread of bacteria. Apply directly to the face and eyelids with eyes closed. Gently massage and later onto face and eyelids. Use a side to side and circular motion to cleanser. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat as needed. Pat dry with a clean soft cloth. 

*Do not use tea tree oil products on false eyelashes unless to aid in removal of false eyelashes.

Ingredients: Water, Deionized Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sultfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Terpinene-4-ol, Glycerin, Ploysorbate 20, Lanvandula Anugustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Citric Acid, Origanum Vulgar (Oregano) Extract, Methane Piperita (Perpermint) Oil, Phenoxyethanol Caprylyl Glyco

Use within 24 months of creation date.

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