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Essential Waiva Device Box

Essential Waiva Device Box

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Our Waiva Starter Box contains:

  • Eyelid & Facial Foaming Cleanser, 50ml
  • Heat Mask - Silica Bead
  • Waiva Device, Charging Cord & Travel Bag
  • Waiva Sponges (x30)

The at-home cleaning device for eyelids designed for daily use to gently and effectively clean eyelids and the skin around eyes.

Better eyelid hygiene relieves eyelid and dry eye discomfort by cleaning the eyelid more effectively while also expressing many of the skin's pores and glands. 

The device has 3 cycles of vibration that create a unique debriding vibration to be used in combination with the single-use organic and biodegradable sponge with medical grade TPE.

The sponge is effective and pulling debris, extra oils and makeup from the eye helping limit demodex living along the eyelid.

Use the Waiva, sponge with our foaming Eyelid & Facial Cleanser for optimal results. This antimicrobial cleanser contains tea tree oil, is gentle enough to use around the eyes and also helps to pull debris from the eyelid.

The Waiva Device has a 1-year manufacturer warranty. 

Waiva Device - Directions For Use

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